Sunday, November 14, 2010

Linking Your Facebook Page / Fanpage Posts to Your Twitter Feed

Instructions on How to Link Your Facebook Page / Fan Page Posts to Your Twitter Feed:

This is Facebook's official webpage for linking your Facebook to Twitter and vice versa:

You will need to give the Twitter-on-Facebook Application access to your Facebook page. 

I have both a Facebook Page for Amore Valkyrie as well as a Facebook Fan Page for Amore Valkyrie.  I gave my Amore Valkyrie Twitter access to both.  That means anything I post on one account will be replicated on all three.

Under "App permissions" you will see the option to "allow Twitter to post updates to:" - check all applicable pages, and voila - you are finished.  Easy as that!


I highly suggest posting out of your Facebook Fan page - this should be the page that all of your followers have "liked" and therefore will propegate posts that show up on their home page.  Then let your linked accounts spread the word onto your other pages via this new linking change you've made. 

Post something short and sweet - limit yourself to about 120 characters so you will still have room for a URL link at the end.  This is how it will look:

The Amore Valkyrie Facebook Fan Page is shown below.  This is the page I originally wrote my post on.  It displays the full URL of my Amore Valkyrie Etsy product I want to promote, and it shows a lovely picture below.

The Amore Valkyrie Twitter is shown below.  It automatically updates itself - I don't even have to log in.  It shortens the URL to a "" URL, and it will cut off anything over approximately 120 characters to make room for the shortened URL.  Make sure you keep your original message short and sweet.

My Amore Valkyrie Facebook (non Facebook Fan page) is shown below.  It also automatically updates.  It will look slightly different from my Fan page, because it is recieving its information from my Twitter feed.  So unfortunately, it does not have the pretty picture that my Fan page does - still, its a time saver.  (I apologize that the text is different than the above two examples - I just wanted to illustrate what the Twitter-to-Facebook post looks like.)

I hope this helps someone -- good luck with promoting your Etsy shop on Facebook and Twitter!

For more helpful tips, check back to Amore Valkyrie's blog often! 
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