Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amore Valkyrie on Etsy Madness

A treasure trove of information for Etsy sellers and buyers/browsers alike, Surviving the Etsy Madness is an extremely thoughtful blog that examines what works and what doesn't- both in terms of Etsy business models and Etsy designs.  Among other things, Etsy Madness has some very cool regular features like covering big and small changes on Etsy, do-it-yourself handmade projects, Etsy business tips and Etsy Feature Fridays.  Amore Valkyrie was featured not too long ago - click here for a link that'll direct you to the page.

Etsy Madness truly thinks about topics that every Etsysian should consider, and takes it to another level.  Thank you truly for your incredible insightfulness and your willingness to share your own experiences with everyone out there!